COVID-19 Safety Protocol:

As a healthcare organization we must comply with safety, health standards and regulations. Therefore, safety and care of our staff and patients is an obligation and top priority for the practice.

PCVC will maintain a strict cleaning and disinfecting protocol. We want to assure our patients that the exam lanes, equipment and office will be continually sanitized and handled with the most caution. In order to keep a safe environment, we require all patients, children included, and employees to wear masks at all times when in the office. Due to limited supply, we will not be providing masks for patients in the office and if the patient chooses to arrive without a mask, the appointment will be rescheduled. Employees will be continually washing their hands and sanitizing throughout the day. PCVC requests that you wash your hands prior to entering the office and avoid any unnecessary touching.

Please note that we are requiring that patients wear masks in our office.

In an effort to prevent the spread, we ask that if you have any fever or respiratory symptoms, you or someone you live with have traveled domestically or internationally within the last month, or have been in the presence of someone with COVID-19, that you cancel and wait to schedule your appointment for an additional two weeks.

In an effort to maintain a low number of patients and employees in the office at a time. PCVC will only allow the patient and, if necessary, their caretaker to attend the appointment. The waiting room is no longer available, and any family or company is required to wait in their car. PCVC also requires patients to wait in their car until their appointment time. If patients arrive more than 5 minutes prior to their appointment we will ask them to wait in their car. This applies to multiple family member appointments. Once the appointment has been concluded, patients will be expected to wait for their family in their car.

PCVC requires all paperwork to be filled out and submitted to the office the day before the patient’s exam. To minimize viral spread, paperwork will be sent by email or text prior to your appointment in an electronic format. If you experience any difficulties with the electronic format, please contact the office. Forms can also be printed off our website at and emailed to or faxed to the office at (719)694-8562. Patients will not be able to fill out forms in the office and if we do not receive the forms prior to the appointment we will have to reschedule for a later date.

PCVC requires patients to check their temperature the morning of their exam. If the temperature is higher than 98.9 degrees, we require you to call and reschedule your appointment and the cancellation fee will be waived. At designated appointment time, patients will be welcomed into the office. Staff will verify that the patient is wearing a mask and an employee will check the patient’s temperature, and if applicable, the caretaker. If the temperature is over 98.9 degrees, the patient’s appointment will be rescheduled and advised to speak with their primary care physician. We advise all patients to remain at least 6 feet from one another.
PCVC will be avoiding paper transactions as much as possible. At check out, patients will be emailed a link to their patient portal. On the portal, the patient will have access to their exams, receipts and prescriptions. If you would like this information prior, please call our office to get set up.

PCVC Optical will no longer be available on a walk-in basis. All visits to Optical will have to be scheduled prior to visiting the office. Patients can schedule themselves through their patient portal at or call the office to be scheduled. This includes all patient pick ups, adjustments and orders.

PCVC will have protocols in place for ordering glasses, adjustments and troubleshooting. Patients coming in for optical will also be required to wear a face mask, wash their hands and check their temperature.