Dr. Thomas A. Wilson

Thomas A. Wilson, O.D. is a 1987 graduate of Pacific University College of Optometry. He has been in private practice in Monument and Colorado Springs since his graduation.  Dr. Wilson was happy to open his own private practice, Pine Creek Vision Clinic, in 2012.  He enjoys serving his patients and sharing all that Pine Creek Vision Clinic has to offer.

Dr. Wilson has been president and trustee of the Colorado Optometric Association and is actively involved in the political processes of optometry in Colorado.  He is an active member of the Colorado and American Optometric Associations and the Sports Vision Section of the AOA.

One of Dr. Wilson’s areas of special interest includes the visual rehabilitation of stroke and head injury patients. He received his Fellowship from the College of Optometrists in Vision Development in 1989. Dr. Wilson is presently the only optometrist on staff at Penrose Hospital in Colorado Springs. He specializes in the treatment of double vision, visual field loss, tracking and focusing problems.

Sports Vision for Better Performance” was written by Dr . Wilson and published by Human Kinetics. The book was written for athletes interested in improving their visual performance on the field of play. His book has sold thousands of copies worldwide. It is currently available as an ebook. If you are a coach, athlete, athletic trainer, or parent, SportsVision: Training for Better Performance can improve athletic performance, no matter what sport you’re involved in.

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Dr. Wilson has many fun and helpful vision enhancement exercises to improve any athlete’s visual skills. Dr. Wilson has also served as a consultant to the USA Shooting Team, The United States Air Force Academy and the University of Colorado.

Another special interest for Dr. Wilson is the visual deficits so many children experience in school. From eye turns to tracking, many children suffer needlessly from vision issues which can be treated through eye exercises. Dr. Wilson specializes in the visual remediation of children with vision related learning problems, helping many children who would have otherwise needlessly struggled in school.

Being involved in the community has been a cornerstone of Dr. Wilson’s career. He has done cow eye dissections at the local schools, helped form El Paso County School District 20’s vision screening protocols, participated in vision screenings in Mexico, been a regular Health Fair participant and is a provider for the Infant See Program.

Dr. Wilson and his wife, Mary Beth, were married in Monument, CO in 1985.  They enjoy spending time in the Colorado outdoors especially when their busy children can join them.  Garrett is a 2011 graduate of the Air Force Academy and is currently an Air Force search and rescue helicopter pilot.  Hannah graduated from CU-Boulder in 2015 and is pursuing her master’s degree and will become a Physician’s Assistant in 2017.  Claire is a 2015 graduate of Palmer Ridge High School and is currently attending Regis University in Denver focusing on a nursing degree and running cross country for the university.

Dr. Steve Clancy

Steven P. Clancy, O.D. is a 2000 graduate of The Illinois College of Optometry, and he joined Pine Creek Vision Clinic in 2014. He looks forward to serving the local community for many years to come.

Dr. Clancy served as the Chief of Optometric Services at multiple Air Force bases during his 25 year military career. He retired from the Air Force in August 2014 as a Lieutenant Colonel. During his 14 years as an Air Force optometrist, Dr. Clancy directed clinical services at bases in Alabama, Italy, Okinawa, Japan, South Korea and finally at Peterson Air Force Base here in Colorado. He also had the opportunity to participate in humanitarian missions treating underserved populations in the Philippines and Alaska. Dr. Clancy considers it an honor to have served his country during such a tumultuous period while providing eye care to the Airmen, Soldiers, Sailors and Marines that protect the United States.

Dr. Clancy received his Fellowship from the American Academy of Optometry in 2006. In addition to practicing Primary Care Optometry, his interests include specialty contact lens services and treatment of ocular diseases including glaucoma, macular degeneration and cataracts. Dr. Clancy is a lifetime member of the Armed Forces Optometric Society and also a member of both the American and Colorado Optometric Associations, and he looks forward to lending his support to future changes in the field of Optometry as the country and Colorado in particular embark on many new changes in health care.

Dr. Clancy and his wife, Carrie, were married in Colorado Springs, CO in 1991. They enjoy everything the Colorado seasons and the nearby mountains have to offer especially when with their three boys. Ryan, Kyle and Connor all are very active with the Pride Soccer Club and the track and cross-country teams at the Discovery Canyon Campus schools in addition to their academic and student leadership interests.

Dr. Saxerud

Dr. Saxerud was born and raised in North Dakota. He studied microbiology at North Dakota State University, earning a Bachelor’s degree in 1986 and a Master’s degree in 1988. After 4 years of working in research, he returned to school to study optometry, graduating with honors in 1996 from the Pacific University College of Optometry. He practiced in Oregon, Minnesota, and Montana before settling in Colorado in 2005. For the past 11 years, he has built a specialty practice in the field of neuro-optometric rehabilitation and has helped thousands of patients regain visual comfort and function.

Dr. Saxerud has a passion for the field of neuro-optometric rehabilitation. In this field he has helped thousands of patients recover from concussions, traumatic brain injuries, strokes, MS, and other neurological injuries. He is also finding unique ways to help children that struggle with reading, school, and poor coordination. With these techniques many children are finding it much easier to catch up to their peers in both school and life. He has recently collaborated with researchers and co-authored a paper on visual symptoms following brain injury.

Dr. Saxerud has attended numerous conferences that emphasize the treatment of neurological insult, including the annual NORA conferences. These conferences bring together experts from around the world to share their knowledge and passion for treating patients with visual difficulties following head injuries and strokes. At these conferences he has learned many different approaches that can be used to help patients, and he enjoys the challenge of determining which technique or techniques will be the most beneficial to the patient.

Dr. Saxerud is a member of the Colorado Optometric Association, the American Optometric Association, the Neuro Optometric Rehabilitation Association (NORA), and the Southern Colorado Optometric Society. He has spoken at optometry and physical therapy conferences, Fort Carson, local hospitals, and at several area schools where he shares his knowledge and passion on the importance of proper rehabilitation of the visual system. In his spare time he enjoys camping, hunting, listening to music, and attending concerts. He and his wife Gail have two children.