Stroke and Head Injuries
Dr. Wilson has privileges at Penrose Hospital in order to help diagnose and treat the visual problems that are so frequently associated with stroke and head injuries. Many people ignore significant visual issues after a car accident or a stroke. These problems include loss of balance, dizziness, double vision, decreased peripheral vision, and problems with reading. The list goes on. These problems can be difficult to diagnose and treat. Many practitioners attempt to treat these problems; however, Dr. Wilson has his Fellowship in the College of Optometrists in Vision Development. This is a rigorous post graduate process that ensures a knowledge base beyond the Doctor of Optometry skill set. Dr. Wilson has an excellent working relationship with neurologists, physiatrists, ophthalmologists, physical and occupational therapists, chiropractors and dentists. Let your rehabilitation be coordinated in a team fashion. Dr. Wilson has lectured at the Neuro Optometric Association meeting and many other local and national groups.

Sports Vision
Athletes of all levels depend on their eyes to perform at a high level. Many of these visual skills are taken for granted. Dr. Wilson authored the book “Sports Vision for Better Performance“. This book takes an in-depth look at the visual skills used in sports. It also has over 400 sports specific exercises that can help an athlete improve their on the field performance. Let Dr. Wilson take a look at your athlete’s eyes and develop a comprehensive program designed to improve the athlete’s skills. Dr. Wilson has worked with USA Shooting, the United States Air Force Academy, the University of Colorado, and many amateur and professional athletes. Dr. Wilson has lectured to the American Optometric Association, the Sports Vision Section, The National Strength and Conditioning Association and has been on the editorial board for “Sports Vision the Magazine“.

SportsVision (eBook, PDF Version) Training for Better Performance – By Thomas Wilson, Jeff Falkel
If you are looking for an innovative way to improve athletic performance on the court or field, vision training may be the answer. SportsVision: Training for Better Performanceintroduces a dynamic program to teach athletes to see the ball, the field, teammates, and opposition better, giving them the ability to perform better.

This cutting-edge book provides coaches, athletes, sports medicine professionals, and parents with more than 50 sports vision training exercises and activities. Based on proven training techniques shown to deliver solid results, the exercises are sport specific and easy to use at home, on the field, or in the weight room. Perforated charts and forms are available for easy reference. Visual needs and training exercises are provided for 17 different sports.

If you are a coach, athlete, athletic trainer, or parent, SportsVision: Training for Better Performance can improve athletic performance, no matter what sport you’re involved in.

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