Pine Creek Vision Clinic is your source for quality and style in vision products. Without the right frame and and lenses you will be unhappy with how you look and what you see. It is our goal to fit you into the right frame at the right price with the best optics available.

We have over 1000 frames to choose from. We have the latest styles and designer brands. We also recognize that some people want a frame that just gets the job done. Our optical department goes to great lengths to provide a selection that suits everyone’s needs.

Children’s Collection
We carry a large selection of sunglasses, custom tints and clips. We have a selection that your child can try on at their height, not the standard three to six feet, but rather two to four feet. We feel it is important for your child to be an active participant in their frame selection. We also have special pricing for safety lenses with the anti glare coatings. It makes a huge difference in their appearance and the quality of their vision. Along with this, we offer a one year warranty for your piece of mind on all frames and lenses.

We carry Oakley, Bolle’ and custom tints and clips. We also have shooting glasses and ski goggles. Colorado is tough on the eyes. Make sure they are protected. We can make you a custom tint and put it in your present frame. Our state of the art tracers can send a computer picture into our custom lab and have your glasses ready in no time.

Hi Index
Don’t go with thick heavy glasses again. Our hi index materials can reduce the weight of your glasses by 50% and decrease the thickness by over 30%. They all come with scratch coats and a one year warranty.

Anti Glare Coatings
So many patients say I will never have that coating put on my glasses again. As the saying goes…you get what you pay for. The anti glare coating products we use are tough as diamonds and as clear as a Colorado morning. If you suffer from glare problems due to computer issues, early cataracts or light colored eyes, fret no more and enjoy the benefits of a high quality anti reflective coat.

No Line Bifocals
With over 600 types of no line bifocals or progressive addition lenses (PAL’s) it’s no wonder so many patients “hate” their bifocals. We carry the best, not the most expensive PAL’s available. Our no lines combine the best in value and optics. Our skilled opticians look at your occupation, hobbies and prescription and provide you with the correct lens package at a superior value. Don’t trust your vision to a person who has little or no optical experience. If you did and are unhappy with the results, please visit us and we will make it right so that you will love your glasses.

We offer a complete line of soft and gas permeable lenses. We offer daily products for the busy schedule or poor compliance patient (your college student) to budget minded monthly lenses. We have 30 day extended wear and colors to match your mood. We also have a complete line of bifocal contacts. We offer Bausch and Lomb, Ciba and Cooper products to name a few.

If you have any questions about our services, please contact us today at (719) 594-2020.